A Lasting Impression

To catch a child’s expression and personality is an art.
Article from The Metro Mothers Network Magazine

A good photographer needs the “eye” and Lisa Adams has it.  Her portraits can’t help but make you smile. Lisa’s portraits are presented in either classic black and white or softly hand tinted bringing out the lovely skin tones, beautiful eyes and glossy hair.

Lisa has become one of the most sought-after picture takers in all of Southern Ontario.

Her portfolio would make a wonderful book, one photograph more delightful than the last.  A newborn held gently in his fathers hands. 

The love and joy evident in the faces of a bridal couple.   A family relaxed and happy. Brothers and sisters snuggling together giggling.  The fun of a wedding party. An angelic three year old, full of wonder, in a delicately painted floral sun dress.

A visit to Lisa’s studio is pleasure and it’s evident in the expressions on the faces of her subjects.  Her photographs are relaxed and capture the essence of love and childhood.

Lisa describes her photographs as treasures.  I think she’s right.

The love and joy evident in the faces of a bridal couple.

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